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100% Silk Perfectly Oversized Sleep Mask

100% Silk Perfectly Oversized Sleep Mask

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This perfectly oversized (8.5 x 4 inches) sleep mask is super soft, hypoallergenic, and ideal for sensitive skin. It’s ultra lightweight, provides a 360° light-blocking affect, and features adjustable Velcro-free straps for extra comfort. Sleep masks are known to dramatically improve sleep by blocking out pesky sun rays and other disruptive light. 

Owner Attestation
: This product is a personal favorite of mine and a must-have for anyone who has trouble sleeping for any reason. If you leave your TV on at night for background noise (in low power mode of course!), a sleep mask is the perfect match. If you have insomnia and often wake up and can’t fall back asleep (especially at dawn or during sunrise), a sleep mask can dramatically change your life! Even dim light can penetrate eyelids and interrupt your ability to fall sleep, but a perfectly oversized sleep mask with 360° coverage will block everything out like a light switch, even if you don’t think you need it. They are amazing! 

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